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Irene Consulting Firm, LLC

We save small business owners an average of 80 hours per year, and/or help them increase profit by an average of $15k per year - We translate business requirements into user’s stories - We help small business owners succeed!

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Irene Consulting Firm, LLC

We provide monthly bookkeeping, bookkeeping cleanup, payroll services, and exploratory data analysis, financial analysis, data visualization to small business owners

Welcome to

Irene Consulting Firm, LLC

We use Data Science Analytics tools, such as Python, SQL Server, Tableau, Power BI, to analyze and visualize the data for small businesses

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I am Irene Amedegnato

Today, many small business owners are facing the challenges to manage their finance, and to do their bookkeeping & payroll, and this is the fact that they don’t have enough time. My name is Irene Amedegnato, the CEO & Business Consultant at Irene Consulting Firm, LLC. With the QuickBooks Online Certification, and the QuickBooks Online Payroll Certification, I come to the help of those small businesses to take their books, while they focus on their activities to generate more profits. As a bookkeeper and payroll specialist, my job is to record financial transactions of these businesses to prepare the financial statement (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow Statement), because of the legal requirements, the management, and the taxes. In addition to this bookkeeping service, Irene Consulting Firm, LLC can do more. Business owners have some specific business's problems to solve, because they want to know more about every part of their businesses. To help them, Irene Consulting Firm, LLC can leverage the Data Science skills, such as Python, SQL Server, Tableau, Power BI to analyze and visualize the data. The process will be to know the business problem, collect or acquire that data, prepare the data, proceed to Exploratory Data Analysis, visualize the data, and report the output. So, what kind of business's problem would you like to solve? Reach out to Irene Consulting Firm, LLC and you will be satisfied!

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Why Business Consulting is a Smart Investment for Your Enterprise

As a business owner or leader, you are constantly faced with challenges and opportunities for improvement. However, identifying and addressing these issues can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are too close to the business. This is where a business consulting firm in Atlanta can be a valuable investment for your enterprise. Business consultants bring expertise, experience, and objectivity to help you identify problems, make better decisions, and implement effective solutions. 

Here we will explore the benefits of hiring a business consultant in Atlanta GA, including their unique analysis, cost savings, time efficiency, access to special tools and data, and their role as catalysts for change.

Bring on Expertise & Experience

One of the key benefits of hiring Atlanta consulting firms is their expertise and experience. Business consultants are experts in their field, and they possess broader and deeper knowledge regarding industry challenges, current trends, new technologies, and innovative processes. 

Get True Objectivity

Another significant advantage of hiring a small business consultant in Atlanta is the objectivity they bring to the table. Sometimes, business owners and employees are too emotionally invested in the business to objectively identify the root cause of operational issues. Consultants provide a fresh set of eyes and are unafraid to say what needs to be said. They can unmask truths that members of the organization were unable to see due to biases or internal dynamics. Consultants from business consulting firms in Atlanta can ask the right questions to the right people to come up with the right answers. 

Realize Cost Savings

Business consultants from business consulting in Atlanta can also help you achieve cost savings. Hiring a full-time employee with a similar skillset may not always be cost-effective, especially for short-term or project-based needs. On the other hand, a business consultant in Atlanta provides services on-demand, allowing you to pay only for what you need when you need it. 

Save Time & Boost Efficiency

Efficiency is critical for business success, and business consultants can help you achieve it. Experienced Atlanta business consultants can implement best practices in multiple areas of your business to make an immediate impact on productivity. They can identify bottlenecks, eliminate redundancies, and streamline workflows to save time and resources. 

Focus on Core Competencies

Hiring a business consultant in Atlanta GA also allows your leadership team to focus on its core competencies. Business owners and managers often wear multiple hats and juggle various responsibilities, which can take away their time and attention from their areas of expertise. 


Fun, creative, determinate, organized, punctual, confident, casual, dynamic person with a lot of energy and dependable, flexible, independent, innovative, detail-oriented problem solver. Experience in Digital Marketing, in Data Science, and in Accounting/Bookkeeping & Payroll, capable to use creativity to respond to business’s issues for their success, to easily communicate with clients and clearly explain strategies. Interested in learning, growing, nurturing relationships with local business owners


Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Payroll

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Payroll Services are as follows:
  • Adding A Client To QBOA Account
  • Set Up QuickBooks Payroll Subscriptions
  • Bank Feeds & Direct Deposit Troubleshooting
  • Accounts Receivable – Accounts Payable
  • Calculate and Process Payroll
  • Sales Tax – Reconciliations
  • Process Payroll Liability Tax Payments & Forms
  • Process W-2 Forms and other Year-End activities
  • Uncategorized Transactions
  • Adjust Payroll Tax Settings
  • Payroll Deductions & Contributions
  • Financial Statements Review (Balance Sheet–Profit & Loss–Statement of Cash Flow)
  • Run Reports – Closing The Books
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the service was good and I am satisfied with it


Irene Amedegnato

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